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The Committee of Assessment and Organizer of Honorary Degree at UIPM Thailand


Enterprise Institute encourages potential entrepreneurs to society. As a service organization, knowledge management and such as in-person. Knowledge of independent study. Knowledge, experience, and knowledge of career success is evident. In order to develop a thesis and dissertation theses transfer requires to adjust Education to Universal Institute of Professional Management (UIPM) To open this qualification. Operating as a service coordinator. Facilitate travel management And ceremonies Related (No teaching in Thailand).

True knowledge …. good, useful, practical Based on amount of trial and error, ultimately being called the knowledge of real experience of people around the world Some real knowledge that takes generations to many people But not systematically passed on because there is no management process to keep that knowledge Those values are therefore Desperately disappointing. Social Entrepreneur Capacity Institute Was created to systematically solve this problem With the knowledge management process in the form of synthesis from the body that is the source of all that knowledge And reward that knowledge with the prestige and privileges of a diploma recognized by the world and society.

In the knowledge world, 80% of the knowledge is embedded in people, called Tacit Knowledge, based on experience, talents, reputation, and only 20% of the knowledge through research is Explicit Knowledge. Knowledge that is embedded in people by process, brought out, compiled and stored. For application It is an important mission of the people of the world that must help each other not to lose those valuable knowledge from this world. Social Entrepreneur Capacity Project Is a tool for finding those knowledge Directly from the owner of the knowledge In order to be a lecturer for future generations

1. To enhance the potential of the organization leaders, executives, natural leaders Successful person And those who have works especially for the public Human rights
2. To provide knowledge management services Data storage Transcription And the preparation of modern information From the experience that developed into Already know To produce an academic document to be presented to the Universal Institute of Professional Management (UIPM) for the transfer, adjustment of qualifications to doctorate level
3. To be selected to be awarded “Outstanding Human Rights Personnel” from the UNITED NATIONS Human Rights Organization Objective

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The Inter institutional Agreement between the European Parliament and the European Commission sets out the rules and principles on which the Transparency Register is based.

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Who is a person worthy of Honorary Doctorate?

All people who are experts in their respective fields and who have been tested and beneficial to society. The requirements to get the Honorary Doctorate are :

Registration Form

Fill out the registration form and complete the documents as proof as someone who is eligible to get the Honorary Doctorate Degree

Real /Online Interviews

Online and real interviews are one of the appraisals of performance and competency worthiness. will all be an important part of the assessment

The Assessment Team

The Assessment Team will review and test the level of eligibility and competence of the knowledge mastered by the honorary candidate..


Achievement of the Level of Eligibility is marked by an Honorary Doctorate Degree at the graduation ceremony

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